About Us

We are a company with many years of experience in the industry.

Our services include processing of metals and other materials, from machining, welding, through pressure and (sand) blasting treatment, to applying varnish layers using spray and powder.

We offer treatment and cutting services with the use of the newest CNC machines.

Our services also include design, construction, and industrial installation, as well as industrial and object automation solutions. We also perform takeover tests of electric installations.

Currently, our company employs 62 people.


Sławomir Leśniak


email: slesniak.mon.tech@poczta.fm
phone: +48 601 744 630

Sebastian Babula


email: sbabula.mon.tech@poczta.fm
phone: +48 531 048 163

Przemysław Morel

Structural Engineer

email: pmorel.mon.tech@poczta.fm

Anna Kusiak

Industrial Installation Engineer

email: akusiak.mon.tech@poczta.fm

Jarosław Jastrząbek

Structural Engineer

email: j.jastrzabek.mon.tech@poczta.fm
phone: +48 507 575 685

Piotr Guzera

Purchasing Department

email: pguzera.mon.tech@poczta.fm
phone: +48 661 347 008

Roman Górski

Structural Engineer

email: rgorski.mon.tech@poczta.fm

Julita Bochenek


email: marketing.mon.tech@poczta.fm
phone: +48 730 210 001